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Marble Nails

ImageA few weeks ago I did these marble nails.  They were super easy!  First, start off with a white base coat.  Let it dry COMPLETELY before you move on to the next step.  I would even recommend waiting a day between these steps, although it’s not completely necessary.  On some of my nails, the white, even though it felt dry, ended up smearing in with the colors when I went on to the next step, which doesn’t look as good.

Next, choose a few colors for the marble part.  I used 4 different bright colors.  Take the colors and drip dots of them onto the nail.  It doesn’t matter if the colors run into each other.  Then, while the colors are still wet, take a plastic bag, like a sandwich bag, and put it on top of the nail.  Push down so the colors merge together, and smear them around a bit.  Wait for them to dry, add a top coat, and that is it!  You might need to do a little clean-up on the skin around the nails, which you can use a q-tip for.


Loose Glitter Gradient Nails

ImageFor last week’s nails, I used loose glitter, like the kind you can get at any craft store (pictured).  It was pretty easy.  I just did the black base first and let that dry.  Then I took a piece of paper and creased it (so you can put the leftover glitter back in the tube when you are finished) and poured some glitter on it.  I started by painting the tips of my nails with clear polish, like I was doing French tips.  Then, while that was still wet, I dipped the tips into the loose glitter so they were completely covered in glitter.  Then for the gradient part, I put clear polish on the middle part of the nail, and then sprinkled the glitter on for a more spread out look.  I finished up with a bunch of coats of top coat, so the glitter would stay on.  Throughout the week, I did occasionally have pieces of glitter come off on me, but it stayed pretty well.

Christmas Nails

Hey, welcome to my nail blog!  I hope you enjoy it!  Eventually, I will probably post new nails about once a week, but for now, I’m going to back log some older nail creations in addition to current ones, so the posts will be more frequent.

To start off, here is my current nail creation, Christmas nails!Image


I originally got the idea from here.  I didn’t have a shade of white that I thought would look good with the other colors, so I decided to do gold as a base shade, and I think it turned out really well!

This was my first time trying dotting.  Since I have limited funds to buy nail art tools, I decided to try using a bobby pin.  I just pulled it apart and used one of the ends.

ImageIt took a little practice, but worked well in the end.  The rest of the nail was pretty simple, just paint a base coat of gold, then do the tips with green (there are many different techniques to do french manicures, but I usually just do them freestyle), and then I painted the thin silver sparkle stripe across the bottom of the green (make sure to keep it mostly on the green because it won’t really show up on the gold part).  Then the dotting and a top coat and you are done!


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